Printing Process

At InkToGarment we pride ourselves in offering as many different printing process as we can. Why, you might ask? So that there is always a solution no matter what your print project is. Different garments require different solutions.

Silkscreen is a great process for printing garments but is typically reserved for quantities starting at 25 pieces. We offer many ink colors to choose from and up to 4 colors of print. Images with more than 4 colors typically are done digitally but can be done with silkscreen if the quantity is high enough. Most companies use a traditional burning process to make their screens, we use a thermal heat print process so at InkToGarment we can produce the most detailed screens possible, this also means reorders are faster and easier at

Digital print process is state of the art. It is great for short and medium runs, photos and multicolored images that are just too tough to screen. Its has its limitations in that it does not work on all garments. It works great on 100% cotton any color and works good on 100% poly if you stay with lighter colored poly. Digital can produce millions of colors on a garment and does not require screens or special setups. Its truly the only process that allows you to do one quantity.

Vinyl graphics are a process that allows for specialty finishes or print on items that are just two challenging for the above processes. Vinyl can be printed full color but needs to be cut out on a machine so there is one initial setup. It has great durability and today's vinyl appliques are thinner and hardly noticeable to the touch. This process also offers things like glitter and reflective print.

Embroidery is probably the highest quality process offered today. It looks great and can be done up to 16 colors in a design. Generally left chest is recommended because it will keep your cost down and look great too. We can do full backs as well and these are typically seen on a jacket. Our system that we employ uses self tensioning so we always have great stitch quality we do our digitizing right here in-house. Not many of our competitors can boast that.